The Spider on Mars

Finally uploaded this little bit of fiction i wrote about a guy encountering a spider on the floor of his apartment on Mars. Yes, this is the kind of thing I think about.

Mars has always been a favourite setting of mine, and I hope to supplement this story with a bunch more down the track.

Have a read and let me know what you think.

The Spider on Mars

A chance encounter with a lone arachnid causes an inhabitant of a city on Mars to reassess his place on the red planet…(Read more)

A little something I wrote on Upgrades and Early Adoption

A while back I got a new pair of glasses after what must have been a decade with my old pair. The old pair was scratched with years’ worth of knocks and abrasions that clouded my view significantly. But like a frog boiling on a slowly heated skillet, the gradual build-up of imperfections escaped my notice until I had effectively adapted to peering through a scratched, cloudy screen.
So when I got my brand new pair of glasses I was shocked at how clear everything was; suddenly I was looking at the worlds in HD! It was like when I switched from VHS to DVD (ah, the days of physical media).
Not to mention the fact that my new glasses were significantly larger (as is apparently the fashion), so I had also transitioned from the old aspect ratio, to something more attuned to widescreen.
As these thing do, it got me thinking, and the following short piece of fiction is the result. I wondered what would happen if we started producing the ability to see with higher definition than we currently can, or even cover more of the electromagnetic spectrum.
I coupled this idea with some thoughts I had on how we deal with information, and upgrades in the modern world.
So, let me know what you think; criticise me, critique the work, give comments on how I could improve the idea, or if you like just throw some praise my way.
It’s all up to you dear reader.

Early Adopter