Mini Fiction

Mini fiction. Shorter than short stories, but significantly longer than a tweet; this is where I put those story ideas that I might not have fleshed out too much beyond an interesting thought experiment, but that I hope can still form a little self contained tale. Like the seed that may one day grow into a true work of fiction, but which also stands the risk of drying out into some lifeless husk, forgotten in my little corner of the internet. Lets find out.

Early Adopter

In our fast paced world of technological advancement, nary a year goes by where we aren’t told of some breakthrough feature requiring us to upgrade our phones, tablets or televisions. While some may be willing to fall behind as the latest gadgets sprint on ahead, there are those who want to stay on the crest of this technological wave; they are the early adopters, and here is a tiny tale of one such adopter.

The Quickest Way

In a world where MindMaps chart our preferences, and control our potential, a young boy risks it all in an attempt to impress a girl he likes at school.

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