Predicting Trump’s Next Move

Years of MS Paint have paid off…

Ok, so here is my prediction. Trump will drag on his ‘contention’ of the 2020 election, doing everything he can to fire up his audience, and not admit defeat. He will build up the story that he was robbed of the election, and not to trust the ‘Media’. But this isn’t some kind of slow coup, or attempt to stay in the White House. Trump doesn’t actually want to govern, he will leave in January.

You can sense this in Trump and his team’s current actions. His various court cases are being struck down constantly as they don’t have strong legal grounding or sufficient evidence; they aren’t serious cases. Meanwhile numerous public ‘hearings’ are organised, spreading conjecture and hearsay in order to focus on the one court he cares about; the Court of Public Opinion.

Next comes Trump’s media company.

Having built an audience, and got them to distrust the media, he will launch his own platform (e.g. Trump Media), and call it the source of truth (and importantly—unlike Twitter—something he can make money directly from). Everything else is fake except Trump’s version of the truth (i.e. lies). Seems the perfect way to make money and keep his sense of importance; and we all know that that is literally all there is to Trump. This is a man who has claimed to know more about the military than generals, more about science than scientists….blah blah, you know all this by now.

Trump is the perfect conduit for others’ ideas, there is no depth to him, he is all superficial surface, and other entities are willing to put up with him to get their things through. But with Trump gone, the Republican party will have to move on, at least in theory. Trump won’t wait around and think of the best political strategy for the future; Trump doesn’t strategise, he doesn’t build coalitions. He will just do whatever he can to be the centre of attention.

So with no actual philosophy, or ideals to guide him, and no party platform for him to pretend to follow, he will bluster and scream, and make sensational claims to get the feedback he needs to feel good. He is a troll, and this is what trolls do.

He will (hopefully) be banned from Twitter if he continues his terrible ways, as his protection as a head of state will no longer be able to save him. Again, the perfect opportunity for him to claim persecution and drive people to his new platform. A platform he owns, and with which he can make money.

Will he run in 2024? Who knows. I am sure he would like to because the United States spends so much money on elections, and holding rallies/events at Trump properties is a great way to fill the coffers. But I hope the world gets to the point where there is no interest in Trump running. I hope the Republican party has some decent alternatives for those voters who don’t necessarily like Trump the person, but are willing to put up with him simply because of the Republican policies that come in his wake. The fact that Republican candidates did well in the election, but Trump didn’t, should give them reason to reflect on where to place their bets in 2022 and 2024.

This is my prediction for the rest of the Trump story. Either that or he will move to an island or some remote compound, and declare himself the true President of the United States in exile.