Quick thoughts on the Bali Nine Executions

The death penalty is such a ridiculous thing, proven to be ineffective time and time again.
I don’t care when people tell me that drug smugglers knew the risk, or that we should respect other nation’s laws. People don’t always act rationally, or make the best decisions when risk is involved. As for respecting other countries laws, I fail to see why we should do so when it involves killing people who pose no danger to the safety of others. We can respect other countries sovereignty; that shouldn’t stop us from saying that what they are doing is wrong.
Our government should be doing all it can to publicly decry the death penalty, wherever it is employed. The fact that it can be considered a form of justice, whether it be against drug smugglers in Indonesia, or murderers in the United States, seems to me to be a misunderstanding of what justice is, and distorts how we as a society value human life.

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