Book 5 for 2016: An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth.

Book 5 for 2016: An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth.

My Instagram feed tells me I actually bought this book 50 weeks ago, and even started reading it back then, but for some reason it didn’t really take off. No offense to the books itself, somehow it just fell by the wayside.

So I figured it was time to take this beauty off the mantle, and finish it off. I have had a lot of space related stuff piquing my interest the past year or so, whether it be the engrossing Seveneves, Kim Stanley Robinson’s fascinating Aurora, or the real life awesomeness of last year’s Pluto revelations, and SpaceX’s successful rocket landings; either way space related things really seem to be gaining a lot of momentum with me lately.

What better way than to continue my education of all things space related than by reading a book written by someone who has actually been there. What’s more Chris Hadfield’s book is supposedly a great read for those hoping to get a better understanding on how to live your life, whether it be on earth, or hurtling around it in a tin can. And I am always open for a bit of introspection and education.

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