Book 6 for 2016: In the Heart of the Sea.

Book 6 for 2016: In the Heart of the Sea.

The book (recently turned into a movie) based on the real life events that inspired yet another (albeit more famous) book; Moby Dick. A lot of connecting threads going on here to entice me to read the book, but the main reason I had this book on my to read list is due to an article I read about the Essex and its crew (see link below). Then when I heard it was to become a movie, directed by the generally awesome Ron Howard, and starring Thor, I was getting pumped. My wife, being the awesome spouse that she is, managed to overhear my excitement about the upcoming (at the time) movie, and got me a copy of the book for Xmas.

I never ended up seeing the film, but seeing as it is time for a fiction read, I figured it was time to launch myself back into the 19th century whaling world (Oh I hope there are some good shanties!). For those who don’t know, the story of the Essex involves a whaling ship that is attacked by the very animal it prowled the oceans looking for. After a bull sperm whale sinks the ship the survivors were able to cling to life aboard a whaling boat (distinct from a whaling ship) and ended up resorting to cannibalism to stay alive! Sounds like a gripping read, so I’d better get to it.


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