Book 13 for 2016: The Rosie Effect

Book 13 for 2016: The Rosie Effect

The Superintelligence book I started last month is proving to be quite a slog, so it is time for my brain to take a bit of a break. But by a break, of course I just mean a different book! I have been doing well this year in my goal to read a bunch of books, so I don’t want to start slowing down now.

Therefore, I have chosen The Rosie Effect, the sequel to The Rosie Project, as my next read. I tore through the original book in a couple of nights and, as I had hoped, I was pleasantly surprised to find this seemingly unfitting novel to be right up my alley. I can’t wait to get back into the intriguing world of Professor Don Tillman, and am interested in seeing how his singular mind approaches the challenges of potential parenthood.

Note that this doesn’t mean I am giving up on Superintelligence; it is a fascinating book, and the ideas and problems it deals with are engaging, but I can only take so much philosophising and hypothetical musings of possible AI doomsdays before my mind wants to sit down with a bit of entertaining fiction (though I also hope that much of what I read in Superintelligence remains fiction, and doesn’t become fact!). #2016inbooks #TheRosieEffect #Takingabreakfromabookaboutrobotsthinkingtoreadabookaboutamanwhothinksabitlikearobot #readingtotakeabreakfromreading from Instagram:

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