Book 24 for 2016: Quirkology

One of my favourite channels to watch on YouTube is Vsauce. For those of you who haven’t watched any of these videos, i highly recommend you go check some of them out right away. They cover everything from mathematics, science, culture and art, but always from a perspective that you likely never looked at before. One video questions why your ‘bottom’ is actually in the middle of you, another questions when will will run out of music.
During a recent binge watch, I noticed this book popping up numerous times in the references, as well as the author’s name on other videos and articles. So when the book appeared at my local $10 book shop I couldn’t resist.

Quirkology refers to the multitude of scientific studies conducted by professional scientists into the strange little idiosyncrasies of life; the quirks. Things like why people’s name often reflect their occupation, or how people in dangerous situations will be more likely to find people sexually attractive. Or even how people are more likely to do well in a game of trivial pursuit if they are told beforehand to think about a professor (or conversely will do worse if they think about a football hooligan).

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