Book 27 for 2016: The Vital Question

Another book suggestion from Bill Gates, but this time it is a science book, rather than a rom-com (The Rosie Project). I had noticed this title come up a few times in lists of the best science books of 2015, so when I spotted it at the local book shop I couldn’t help myself.
This is one of those books that has got me excited to read, not because it is based on a subject I know a lot about, but because it is based on a subject I feel I don’t now enough about; and that has me excited.
Seriously, I can’t wait to learn not only the scientific mysteries that it describes (why is life the way it is?), but also the answers it proposes to them (apparently it is all down to the way life can extract energy). Looks like a pretty technical read though, so I guess I had better stop typing, and get reading!#2016inBooks #BillGatesKnowsWhereItsAt #TimeToGetMyScienceOn from Instagram:

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