Book 28 for 2016: The First

Book 28 for 2016: The First
Last week’s read, The Vital Question by Nick Lane, was the hardest book to get through this year (with Superintelligence a close second). Now that doesn’t mean this is a bad book, or a book I regret reading. It was simply a hard read. The book is so far from what my strengths are, and so technical, that I really had to take time trying to understand the concepts at play.
But boy am I glad I did.
The ultimate aim of the book is such a lofty one (the explanation of why life is how it is, and how it got that way), that I am really glad that I managed to get through it. I have a better understanding now not only of how life functions, but the fascinating way that scientists are slowly beginning to understand how life can arise out of non-life.
All that being said however, I am glad to get a break from talk of adenosine triphosphate, ribosomes, and proton gradients. That’s why this week’s is a simple Kindle book, pulled from the daily sales emailed mercilessly to me constantly by the good people of Amazon.
Not sure what it will be like, but sounds like a nice mindless read.
#2016inBooks #GentleReadToHelpMeBackToEarth #ItsASuperpowersStoryIThink from Instagram:

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