Book 30 for 2016: Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?

Book 30 for 2016: Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?
No, this isn’t a corny joke book (but being a purveyor of dad jokes I would happily read that also), but is instead an analysis of the part that chickens have played in human history. The subtitle goes further, and is the reason I purchased this book; “The Epic Saga of the Bird that Powers Civillisation”.
Wow, sounds interesting and intriguing. Just what part do those ubiquitous birds play in civillisation as it stands today? I don’t know, but damn it if I am not going to find out.
I am really looking forward to this book as a more relaxing read than last week’s book on Money, which though it did help explain some concepts to me, i couldn’t help but feel that I was reading a textbook in disguise.
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