Book 35 for 2016: Locked On

I finished this book last night after a marathon reading sessions which made it technically this morning. It has been a while since I have read a Tom Clancy book, and it was great to get back in there with the familiar characters and story arcs I was expecting. But throughout the story I quickly became aware of the fact that either my views on things have changed in the years buffering my last Clancy book, or perhaps the rhetoric in this novel is a bit more powerful than previous instalments.
The right wing-edness of the main characters is very prominent in this story, perhaps even more so due to the caricature of a left leaning president that seems to embody the conspiracy theories of those on the right who think liberals are out to destroy America (as in this novel there is literally a character trying to destroy America through liberal policies).
But hey, perhaps I am just noticing this due to the lens of the United States current political quagmire. It is bizarre to be reading a story with a presidential election that seems more real than the one I see on the news every night!
As for the story itself, it was a very entertaining read. I got exactly what I wanted from this novel, so my above comments are really just commentary on my reading experience, rather than a critique of the books itself. If you enjoyed any of the previous Jack Ryan Jr. books, the this is a welcome extension of the franchise.
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