December 22, 2016 at 01:18PM

Book 38 for 2016: Sleeping Giants
December is here and I am still hoping that I will make it to 40 books before year’s end; so I really need to get cracking! Ten days left, three books required. Maybe I can do this. And though I have a glut of candidates for what I want to read next, I figure that a nice fiction book to get me rolling is the best option.
Luck appears to be on my side,because Amazon had a sale on Sleeping Giants, and it was a book I had been recommended earlier in the year. $5 for a quick read; sold.
Not really sure what to expect from this tale, but it is one of those times when a quick synopsis really gets me intrigued:
“The novel begins when a girl falls through the ground and finds herself in the palm of a giant metal hand. Fast forward almost two decades later, and the girl is now leading a team of scientists to try and figure out the secrets behind the hand, and where the rest of the body is.”
Hopefully I can knock it down in three nights.
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