Book 40 for 2016: 1913: The Eve of War

Managed to sneak this book in just in time to get my yearly read goal completed! (Though a belated post about it).
The First World War has always fascinated me, so much of the world changed due to the massive conflagration, and yet I have struggled to get a good understanding of just what set the world on fire.
They say that If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics. Well to me this has always been the case with World War 1. If you think you understand the First World War, you don’t understand the First World War. Read one book and it was Germany’s empire building to blame, in another it was precisely their inability to build an empire that set them on edge.
So having read a Paul Ham book earlier in the year I figured that this read would be a good primer on what lead to the beginning of the war.
Was definitely worth the last minute read. Gave me a lot more of an understanding of just what was going on in Europe that allowed war to break loose (and allowed is apparently the right word), but also gave me a bit of pause as some of the patterns present there seem to be rearing their ugly heads in this century also.
Lets hope that we have learnt enough from history to avoid repeating it.
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