Ten Years!

Ten years ago, this amazing woman became my wife. Ten years, a decade; thats a long-ass time.
A lot has happened in those ten years. Together we have raised our son Harrison; a kick-arse black-belt, non-stop book-reading, dinosaur loving, jovial little guy. The experience of fatherhood and husbandhood (I looked it up; it is a word) have both intertwined throughout the last decade as one of the most formative influences on who I am today, and I owe it all to Lizzie. For obvious reasons, like the fact that she birthed our child, but also for being such a loving and supportive partner along the way. These things, marriage and parenthood, are challenges and adventures that we took on knowing that we had each others back. Its amazing what you can accomplish when you have an accomplice!
Together we went from living at with our parents, to renting, to eventually having our own little home. We have supported each other through study, through various jobs, and through anything that came our way. We have travelled hundreds of kilometres in our trusty Jazz, climbed mountains, and flown through the sky (big deal for me, I had never been on a plane).
But what’s more important is that we have spent countless days and nights together just living our lives, enjoying the small moments, and each other’s company.
I love the fact that I am constantly learning new things from my wife, and that despite our decade of marriage she constantly surprises me with her generosity, her passion, and her fascinating mind.
Lizzie is the yin to my yang, the spark that lights my day, the thing that gives my life meaning.
She has made me a better person, a more fulfilled person, than I ever thought I could be. I am constantly amazed and thankful that such a truly wondrous human being is willing to spend their life with me. To laugh at my crappy jokes, and to indulge my immaturity, and to forgive my many, many, character flaws. To simply be loved, and to share in this with someone for over ten years is something I am forever grateful for.
Ten years is a long time, but it is nothing compared to how much more we have left to experience together.
Happy Ten Year Wedding Anniversary @minilizziebean from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2jT3dAt

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