Farewell Pi

We lost our little Pi today. 

How could so much love, and so many big memories, come from such a small little thing?

I have never met a dog more loving than Pi. If you met Pi, you will either understand this, or you will think it strange. Sure if you came around and he didn’t know you, or you moved your feet around a bit too much, you would cop an earful off that miniscule bark. But once you sat down and got to know him, he was always up for a pat, and a chill on your lap.

But for us, for his little family, we felt that love every day.

His little eyes looked up at us with such affection. He would climb up our bodies like a mountain goat and literally grab us in a tiny bear hug. What more would you expect from a pet who grew up with us as we were building our family, raising a son, and making a life together. What else but a dog that loves cuddles could have been the result of him literally living in my hoodie pocket as a puppy, or spending the mornings at our breakfast table zipped up in my wifes jacket.

Years ago I gave my wife a task. I said “The next dog we get I want you to find the weirdest little thing you can”, and boy did she deliver!

He was the tiniest dog I have ever seen, the strangest little fellow, so far removed from what many consider a real dog that to me it made sense to treat him like a sentient little dude. He tried so hard to speak; little barks turning into growls and croaks. A tiny language. What he couldn’t say you could see in his emotive little brow, so full of concern, or contentment.

Every winter when things would get colder and we would sacrifice one of our sons socks to make him his own winter coat.

He would get so cosy under his blanket on the couch that we had to put a warning sign on it to make sure no one sat on him!

Pi was my little fella. Mr Pi; who would be content to sit in my lap all day, and not raise too much of a fuss when I would have to hold him in one hand and carry out some errands. Carrying him around people would always coo over him, and ask how old our puppy was, never expecting that he was actually a wise little man almost as old as our son.

I know everyone says that their pets are members of the family, but Pi really was. We treat our pets like people, and thats what makes it so hard to see him go.

Yes I am getting emotional, and yeah maybe I am making this out to be a bigger deal than some may think it is, but screw it all he was very special to me and I am not afraid to blub about it and let everyone know.

I will miss him forever. But I know that eventually the tears will pass, and I will be left with so many good memories, so many positive experiences, that Pi won’t ever leave me. And I am grateful for that.

Goodbye little man.

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