My LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn, the professionals social network (or the job recruiters way of cheating) is something I have a somewhat mixed feeling toward. I am usually one of the first to adopt a new social network or online service, but the fact that LinkedIn seeks to deal with my career (a part of my life I am less than happy with); my relationship with it has never been like that of my friendship with Twitter, or begrudging association with Facebook.

So while I keep up with LinkedIn as much as I can, accepting connections requests, endorsing skills, following ‘influencers’ and what have you; it still kind of bugs me when I visit.

It think the main reason is the constant nudging for more information, but specifically information about your career, ambitions and so forth. it’s a bit disconcerting when you still haven’t nailed down those parts of your life. But today, after the fifth time of being asked to add a summary, I decided to give it my best go.

So here it is, my LinkedIn summary:

A summary of who I am is the strangest thing I could ever think of writing; and I like writing strange things! How am I meant to summarise something that I don’t even fully understand yet?
I’m just a regular guy. Tried to get an education early on, studied in Engineering. Later on got a maths and statistics degree. Was lucky enough to find a beautiful wife to share my life with early on, and now have an awesome son sharing the journey with us.
I like to write, and obversly to read. I enjoy solving problems, love delving into the world of mathematics, and can make Excel do almost anything I want (from creating my own metric clock, emulating a German enigma machine, and tracking my daily beer intake until it got a bit disturbing and I had to stop).
The world fascinates me. I love learning about the natural world, watching David Attenborough keep doing his work after what must be a century of narration. I enjoy reading about the past, present, and future. Hearing how humankind is developing and making the world a better place excites me.
I am a certified Lego master from back in the day (when I conferred the title upon myself), and have developed this ability to build well into adulthood so that I have now build two decks for my house, among many other handy man jobs.
But really, I don’t know if this is a summary of me, I am just someone doing their best with the time I have. I’m just a guy who likes thinking about stuff, likes doing things, and is insanely grateful to be able to live a life where I have people who love me, and put up with my crap jokes.
P.s. I know obversly isn’t a word, but I totally think it should be, and the way I would define it makes perfect sense in the context I used it.
P.p.s. I don’t care what’s going on, I won’t tuck in my shirt or wear a tie; I just don’t see the point. Oh and I wear glasses.

Oh, and if for some reason, someone out there is actually reading this and is interested; here is the link to my LinkedIn profile.

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