Happy 30th birthday to my most amazing wife Lizzie!

Happy 30th birthday to my most amazing wife Lizzie!

We have been together for almost twelve years now, and I am thankful every day. Over a third of her life she has been putting up with me so far, and trust me that is no easy feat!

Her strength and determination are an inspiration to me; she gives my life so much meaning. Her belief in me and having her by my side, makes me feel so lucky, and helps motivate me to be a better person.

She is simply the best wife, the most amazing mum, an awesome human being, and a beautiful person.

So Happy Birthday beautiful, I look forward to celebrating many more with you, and continuing forward in this life we are forging together.

#lovemywife #hotwife #yeahicanbesoppysometimesdealwithit #Partythisweekend #welcometoyourthirties from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1REQpss

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