Book 8 for 2016: First Grave on Mars

Book 8 for 2016: First Grave on Mars

I am a sucker for a good mars book. Ever since reading Kim Stanley Robinsons #MarsTrilogy back in ’97 the red planet has fascinated me. Combine this with a tendency for late night drunken Kindle purchases and you are left with this week’s new read: First Grave on Mars.

As you can tell from the photo, this book doesn’t have much to it. In fact I already finished it before I had a chance to write this post, so need to start thinking of my next read! It was a good little read, and intriguing enough mystery that means I will definitely buy the next in the Martian Murders series, though I do prefer my mars stories to be a bit more rigorous in their handling of the science portion of the story. And while I like the premise of the Martian explorers being along the vein of the current Mars One swindle, the way it was handled didn’t seem realistic enough (no one on earth, or mars, seems to be taking any of this stuff seriously). But that being said, I got what I paid for, and enjoyed myself along the way.

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