Book 10 for 2016: Tilt

Book 10 for 2016: Tilt
Not quite sure how this book found its way to the top of my ‘to-read’ pile, but as I churned through the short kindle read in less than two nights this post is more of a mini-review than an introduction.
Tilt bills itself as a climate change thriller, which is what originally spurred me into buying it, but where previous ‘cli-fi’ books I had read focused on the science, and how people would deal with it, the entirety of this novel appears to be a conspiracy theory/assassin/political thriller. While there is nothing wrong with that, it wasn’t what I was hoping for.
I loved Kim Staley Robinsons ‘Science in the Capital’ trilogy because it dealt with climate change as a real challenge to be dealt with by real people in practical ways. I enjoyed The Water Knife because it gave a pretty clear picture of how things could all go wrong. But Tilt seemed to focus too much on trying to tie together multiple conspiracy theories (climate change isn’t caused by fossil fuels, MH370, the Rise of China and the doomed Air New Zealand Flight 901 all feature), while the central mystery to the story slowly fizzles, and remains insufficiently explained by the end of the book.
That all being said, this was the writer’s first book, and there is a lot of promise and things to enjoy.
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