Book 11 for 2016: The Rosie Project

Book 11 for 2016: The Rosie Project
I like being surprised by things that I wouldn’t expect to usually like. This is why I am a massive Downton Abbey fan, for instance.
So the next book on my 2016 read list come from a recommendation by Bill Gates (not to me personally, but he did give it to at least 50 people:; The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion.
On the face of it, this book doesn’t really fall into a category that usually attracts me. For instance, it appears to be a love story. The blurb tells of the main characters goal to find a wife, and the cover is literally adorned with a man carrying flowers; not what I usually read. But then again I don’t want to close myself off to new experiences, and considering I have gone through something of a Bill Gates respect renaissance over the past few years, I sent it to the top of my read pile.
Plus after reading the first few pages I was surprised to find it is written by an Aussie author! Nice to see places like Shepparton and Melbourne mentioned in a story once in a while.
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