Book 14 for 2016: The Dark Forest

Busy times these past few weeks, what with my son’s eye surgery and
kitchen renovations underway, I have found myself knocked out of my
regular routines, and often out of my regular bed. This has meant
less chance for reading, but like all true book addicts know, you
can read anywhere. So while I haven’t been posting, rest assured I
have been reading.

And this is what I finished reading last week, the middle book in
Liu Cixin’ Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy: The Dark Forest.
Getting into Liu’s previous book I wasn’t even aware that this
constituted the start of a trilogy, but once I had made it to the
end I was thrilled to hear that here were two more installments on
the way (Now I just have to wait till September for the finale to
be released in English; damn my monoglottism!). This is one of those cool science fiction stories where they come
up with an initial premise that seems like a basic and simple to
begin with, but as the author slowly teases out all the
consequences that you hadn’t quite thought of, they end up building
a fascinating and complex world that really draws you

Can’t wait to see how the trilogy pans out!
#AlwaysTimeToRead #ChineseSciFi

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