Book 15 for 2016: A Calculated Life


I worry that Amazon’s predictive algorithms, and my tendency to end my nights with a read in bed (particularly nights after a beer or six), will slowly deprive me of all my savings.
This week’s read is A Calculated Life. What is it about? I don’t really know.
This isn’t one of those books that I have heard a lot about over the years like Old Man’s War. This isn’t an acclaimed book by an international author that has finally been translated into English like the Three Body Problem. This isn’t a book that I researched in order to enlighten my understanding of certain parts of my life, like the Compassionate Carnivore.
No. This is one of those books where my late night, beer-addled, brain clicked Buy Now, for reasons that baffle my current sober mind.
What is it about? I cant say beyond the simple blurb that Amazon targeted me with late that night. But hey, life isn’t just about doing what you plan to do, sometimes surprises come along the way. So I shall give it a go, and hope that Mathew after a few beers knows what Mathew before a few beers likes.
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