March 02, 2017 at 01:06PM

Last night Harrison was making a birthday card for Lizzie and he was struggling with what to write. I asked him what he thinks of when he thinks of his mum; of what he is grateful for. And in my opinion his response really captured the special place that Lizzie has in our lives: “It’s everything.” He couldn’t think of any one specific example of what his mum means to him because everything she does is such an important part of his life. It really struck a chord with me because I feel exactly the same. I have spent the past thirteen years of my life with this amazing woman, and I can’t imagine any part of it without her. She is the person who is always there for me, always willing to laugh at my eccentricities, to help me through my problems, and to share in the experience of making a family together.

I could try and pin down all the wonderful things about my wife, but like my son says; its everything. To attempt to wrangle into words the way I feel about this awesome woman would be a disservice to the bond we share.

So instead I will just say, happy birthday to you, my most excellent wife; you are my everything!
#31stbirthday #mywifeisthebest from Instagram:

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