September 2016

Some things I am looking forward to from this month:

Luke Cage on Netflix
Netflix did such a great job bringing Marvels Daredevil and Jessica Jones to television, I can’t wait to see what they do with this character. Also on Netflix this month is season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I am strangely addicted to for some reason…


New $5 note
The new Australian $5 note enters circulation today, and I hope I can get a hold of one before the month ends. I don’t really know why I am looking forward to this, it just seems cool to have a new unit of currency on the move. Especially as it proves once again that Australia does it best when it comes to innovative currency.

Deaths End by Liu Cixin
I read the first two instalments of Liu Cixin’s science fiction trilogy earlier in the year and loved them, so definitely looking forward to this. Indeed I must have enjoyed it so much that, unbeknownst to me, my alter ego ‘Slightly Inebriated Mathew’ purchased the next book in the series on Amazon. It was only weeks later when I went online to check the release date, that I was informed it had already been purchased. Yay!

Trump and Hillary debate.
As an Australian I have been watching the U.S. election with a strange sense of detachment, fascination, and dread. The whole thing seems so surreal with Trump doing all the crazy stupid things he is, that it often makes me laugh. Then I realise that this is the 21st century, and in a globalised world these far away political shenanigans will no doubt have an effect on my life. So, though he has already started struggling in the polls now that he has an actual opponent, I can’t wait to see how these debates go down (if they do at all) because I think it will give a real indication of just what is real in this farce of an election, and what is a result of the media (be it social or otherwise).


Write a novelette
I have been challenged by my wife to turn one of my old NaNoWriMo ideas into a novelette over the next two weeks. While I am not that confident in my ability to get this done in time, nor to make a story that people might find worth reading, I am nevertheless keen for the challenge. So stay tuned to this space if you are a fan of poorly written amateur science fiction!

There are no doubt other things that have slipped my mind at present (oh, like I Contain Multitudes, the book about the microorganisms that live within us that is realised today), but this is just a little sample of what sprung to mind when I woke today to find that somehow September had snuck up on me.
What are you people out there looking forward to this month?


Two more things I forgot:

  • SpaceX reusing a rocket for the first time in history!
  • new iPhone (because I might be able to get one, maybe. Probably not. But I can dream.)